At Petite Hire, we are committed to empowering women in looking and feeling amazing in the latest designer pieces at a fraction of the price. We also endeavor to be as sustainable as possible to reduce the amount of fashion waste. We aim to take step forward by reducing our individual carbon footprint as well as significantly reducing  the environmental impacts of the fashion industry by neglecting the effects of fast fashion. 

The average women :

  • Buys 27kgs of clothing 
  • Wears 33% of her wardrobe
  • Disposes of 23kgs of clothing 

A well-made designer dress can be worn up to 20-30 and still be in new condition. By sharing a designer item with other women through hiring, is a step forward towards sustainable fashion by significantly reducing the manufacturing, processing and disposing of  countless garments.

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At Petite Hire, we are doing our part to encourage sustainable fashion and reduce our carbon footprint by:

  1. Posting all garments in 100% compostable, zero waste postage bags that are also reused as a return satchel. Ultimately having our waste in one easy process. 
  2. Packaging all in person hires in reusable recycled polyester garments bags and wooden hangers. 
  3. Encouraging clothing hire by providing in-person tailoring services to ensure a perfect fit every time on certain garments.  

Petite Hire would like to thank you for supporting our sustainable fashion movement through clothing hire. 

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